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2/29/2016: Join DART Chart at AHCA and LeadingAge this year.

DART Chart is attending this year’s industry conventions.  It’s the perfect chance for you to learn more about what we have to offer and ask questions about how our solutions can work for you.

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White Papers

We are committed to providing complimentary educational materials to serve the Long Term Care Community.  DART Chart is honored to have a diverse group of contributors and industry experts who participate in peer reviews of the materials we present.

All Payer Solutions – White Paper

This white paper covers the importance of adapting “culture change” to the new industry-wide shift to alternative payments and includes the necessary steps to achieve success along the way.

Map & Track Financial Results – Case Study

This case study highlights the financial results one of our clients had after implementing Map and Track and Quick Map.

Making Managed Care Work – White Paper

Discover findings as Dart Chart reviews in a blind study how three different skilled nursing entities were able to show managed care revenue improvement by digitizing their contracts in an organized fashion to automatically compare contract terms to the care given.

Rule of 3 – White Paper

Dart Chart explores and reviews the implications on billing brought about by the recent Medicare MDS 3.0 assessment clarifications and the risk to Medicare reimbursement for non-compliance.

Webinars On Demand

Welcome to DART Chart’s library of recorded live webinars. You will find recorded presentations lead by experts of the Long Term Care industry covering topics ranging from CMS Regulatory changes to protecting managed care margin. We hope that these resources help you navigate the maze of long term care documentation and reimbursement.

Strategies For Working With MCOs And Protecting Margin

In this webinar, Justin Border, Vice President of Advantage Rehab Solutions and Linda Kunz, President of DART Chart discuss ways you can improve your managed care process and protect margin.

  • Learn about 4 processes that improve how you can better manage your MCO workflow.
  • Hear how you can be sure your teams are delivering care to contract rules.
  • Find out how skilled nursing communities are implementing best practices to increase MCO margins.

The Ideal ADR Response Webinar

We are joined by clinical expert Pam Petsopoulos, Senior VP of Corporate Compliance Solaris Rehab to explore:

  • Documentation Tips And Hints
  • Triple Check
  • Certification And Re-Certification Of Services
  • Diagnosis Coding

Wound Care Insider Secrets

In plain, simple language explore the mysteries of wound care and learn how to crack the code for faster wound healing. Learn to “Dress for Success” with this comprehensive review of topical wound management products. This session will focus on the advanced wound dressing categories and review what, why, when, and who. To receive CEs you must enter DART1 coupon code at during registration.

MDS Confidence : Rule Of 3 Decoded

In this webinar, Marilyn Burlenski presents on how to code for the MDS Section G: ADL Self Performance using the Rule of 3 as instructed in the RAI Manual. In addition she reviews ADL coding, discusses  most recent changes, and gives an introduction to ICD-10 coding.

Audit Survival 

In this  webinar, lead by advocate and  industry veteran Marilyn Burlenski,  RN, BSN, President and CEO of Connecticut Alliance for Long Term Care, as well as Burlenski Consulting Assoc. we explore why CMS perform audits, types of audits, RAC, CERT, Z-Pic, being prepared…and much more.

Exceptional Discharge Planning

In this webinar, Post-Acute Care Clinical and Reimbursement Expert Glenda Hynes to discuss, 2013 CMS Focus Areas, Preventing Rehospitalization, OIG Recommendations, and Steps for Exceptional Discharge Planning.


The figures don’t lie and my cash flow has improved since implementing DART Chart.

“When I was first approached by Catholic Health East about investing in DART Chart, I was very skeptical. I was sure from my past experience beginning with the 1999 implementation of the Prospective Payment System, (PPS) and the experience of my current Medicare team, the high percentage of A’s was due to high functioning patients and not the ADL documentation. Reluctantly, I agreed and made the investment. As the data demonstrates, that decision was one of the best ones I have made since becoming President & CEO of Providence Health Care, Inc. The major difference between DART Chart and our former ADL tracking program is the structure and wording of the ADL questions for the CNAs to complete and moving to the end of the shift documentation. I have seen a reduction in the RU and RV A’s and an increase in the RU and RV B’s and C’s. The figures don’t lie and my cash flow had improved since implementing DART Chart.

– Gerald Dutton, MS NHA, President & CEO Providence Health Care Inc.

…a direct impact on our bottom line as well as resident satisfaction.

Since the implementation of the DART Chart system in our facility we have experienced a dramatic improvement in our ability to accurately capture ADL data for our skilled and long-term care residents. Not only has this helped us improve the quality of the care we provide but we have seen our length of stay for skilled patient’s increase appropriately. Discharge planning is more detailed and resident specific. The end result is we help to avoid post discharge hospital readmissions which are costly for all concerned.

The DART Chart system allows us to ask appropriate questions at all phases of a resident’s stay. The clinical team can now take credit for all the care they provide on any given shift. With improved ability to monitor each patient’s treatment plan we can now RUG every rehab patient at their optimal level. This has a direct impact on our bottom line as well as resident satisfaction. Being able to track rehab treatment daily and view the financial impact of the dates we select has proven invaluable. DART Chart has brought us a new level of communication and efficiency to each resident’s care plan.

– Kevin O’Connell, PT, MBA, Campus Administrator, Geer Corporation

…it really is that simple.

DART has helped us capture more accurate assessment of the ADLs increasing our RUGs score and when audited we can produce the MDS Trio to support the coding of the MDS…it really is that simple. I just know records have been requested for supporting documentation and the MDS Trio provides that supporting documentation needed to validate what was billed.

– Peg Stockel – Administrator Mercy Living Center – South

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