DART Chart’s Managed Care Solutions

DART Chart offers the most accurate Managed Care billing techniques in the industry. Our integrations revolve around our customers’ current systems in order to be able to quickly adapt to client needs and the everchanging healthcare landscape.

Managing your Managed Care

Whether you require full case management services or just the powerful billing intelligence offered by our Map & Track solution, we have a program that’s suited for you:

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Managed Care

Billing accuracy has never been easier.


With Map & Track for Managed Care, you’ll get the fastest, most comprehensive Managed Care intelligence on your patients without disruptions to your workflow. You’ll get patient-level alerts and billing information on-demand and an end-of-month rollup summary. You control the process. We provide the intelligence.  Map & Track includes the following tools and services:

Quick Map Pre-Admission Tools


Quick Map is DART Chart’s automated pre-admission screening tool that allows your admission staff to immediately see the costs and revenue projected for each patient referral.  In just two minutes, your staff will be able to see the full analysis to show:


Daily Patient Costs

Daily Reimbursement Rates

High Cost Drugs (With Generic Alternatives)

Exclusions (Such as Medications or DME)

On-Demand Analytics


With Map & Track, you’ll receive the most current patient billing data when you need it.  By integrating directly with your EMR, we’ve developed the most advanced billing system in the industry, providing you with granular, up-to-date analytics.  You can opt to receive these updates daily, weekly, monthly or by request.  By choosing Map & Track, you will be able to monitor:


Daily Patient Levels

Therapy Management Analytics

End-of-Month Billing Summaries

High Cost Drugs (With Generic Alternatives)

Exclusions (Such as Medications or DME)

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With DART Chart, you can see revenue increases of $33 per managed care bed per day. That's over $1 million in annual savings for every 100 managed care beds.

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Your Method.  Our Muscle.


In addition to all of the accurate business intelligence that Map & Track offers, as Case Management Partners, you’ll receive additional case management services, such as coordination between the facility IDT and the insurance company.  Case Management Partners receive the following benefits:

Full Case Management

You get to choose how little or how much DART Chart plays a role in your Case Management workflow.  We can handle heavy loads of Managed Care patients or simply assist your current case managers.  Our case management services include:


Obtaining Prior Authorizations

Benefits and Eligibility Verification

Notifying Insurance of Patient Admissions

Coordination with IDT Teams

Submitting Patient Appeal

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Consider the revenue possibilities with DART Chart. We have proven results that will net a significant increase in your managed care margins.
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