DART Chart’s Managed Care Solutions

DART Chart offers the most accurate Managed Care billing techniques in the industry. Our integrations revolve around our customers’ current systems in order to be able to quickly adapt to client needs and the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Dart Chart Smart Recovery

Billing accuracy has never been easier.

As strong advocates of long-term care providers and SNFs, we know it is difficult to manage multiple complex Medicare Advantage contracts. Our team of experts in the industry, will make sure you are paid fairly for the care you deliver.

Without burdensome connections, or lengthy implementations, our experts in Medicare Advantage contracts are provided access to 12 months of claims data. From there our proprietary process of finding potential underbilled services is engaged. We then began recoupment of the underbilled services from payers.

No fees unless we recover additional payments from the carriers.

Our clients are experiencing extra reimbursements as high as $30,000 per month, without lifting a finger.

What our clients are saying:

Marcia from Prestige Care: Portland, OR
“We are beyond thrilled with the results we have gotten from partnering with Dart Chart. They have recovered thousands of dollars for our SNFs and have done it without interrupting workflows and staffing resources. Dart Chart’s process is invaluable to our team, it’s been one of the best decisions we have made.”

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ZERO Staff Time

ZERO Implementation

ZERO Project Management

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If you are looking for a turn-key solution that complements your existing billing recovery program, Dart Chart's SMART Recovery can save the day.
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Dart Chart Smart Case Manager

All-in-One Dashboard

All-In-One dashboard, designed to assist Case Managers in tracking their daily Managed Care population. With SMART Case Manager™, users now have a single location to document referrals, authorizations, benefit verifications, concurrent reviews, and NOMNCs while being alerted of tasks due through the patient stay. SMART Case Manager™ provides the following benefits:

Automated Case Management Workflow

Managed Care referral tracking with auths and task reminders

Benefit verification tracking

Authorization Tracking for levels, exclusions and carve-outs

View tasks due for recent admits: 24-hr notifications and therapy evaluations

Daily tracking of active Managed Care patients with Concurrent Review Reminders

Level Change Alerts (when Map & Track is active)

Patient Discharge tracking and NOMNC Process flow

Document Manager stores documents like hospital documents, insurance cards, and authorization approvals

With Smart Case Manager for Managed Care, you’ll get the fastest, most comprehensive Managed Care intelligence on your patients without disruptions to your workflow. You’ll get patient-level alerts and billing information on-demand and an end-of-month rollup summary. You control the process. We provide the intelligence. Smart Case Manager includes the following tools and services:

Pre-Admission Tools

The automated pre-admission screening tool allows your admission staff to immediately see the costs and revenue projected for each patient referral. In just two minutes, your staff will be able to see the full analysis to show:

  • Daily Patient Costs
  • Daily Reimbursement Rates
  • High Cost Drugs (With Generic Alternatives)
  • Exclusions (Such as Medications or DME)

On-Demand Analytics

You’ll receive the most current patient billing data when you need it. By integrating directly with your EMR, we’ve developed the most advanced billing system in the industry, providing you with granular, up-to-date analytics. You can opt to receive these updates daily, weekly, monthly or by request. You will be able to monitor: 

  • Daily Patient Levels
  • Therapy Management Analytics
  • End-of-Month Billing Summaries
  • High Cost Drugs (With Generic Alternatives)
  • Exclusions (Such as Medications or DME)
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Consider the revenue possibilities with DART Chart. We have proven results that will net a significant increase in your managed care margins.
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