Skilled Nursing Providers Close Gaps and Stop Financial Losses on Managed Care Patients as Utilization Reviews are Automated

MILWAUKEE, WI, September 30th, 2014 – DART Chart Systems LLC, www.dartchart.com, a leader in optimizing skilled nursing reimbursement, solves the complexities of managed care with the launch of The Map & Track Contract Solution.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, skilled nursing Medicaid and Medicare payor mix shifted from a fee-for-service majority in 2003 to a managed care majority in 2013. Managed care contracts are complex, each with different rules for how nursing, therapy, and pharmacy services are rendered. Missing unique details of each contract results in lost reimbursements, denied claims, and delayed cash flow.  As a result, an average skilled nursing provider loses 20% on managed care patients, due to ineffective care tracking and billing management.

The Map & Track Contract Solution eliminates the binders, spreadsheets, and labor hours it takes for staff to compare allowable care against actual care.  Contracts are mapped into the system, and then connected to pharmacy, therapy and nursing software to automatically pull specific fields related to contract requirements.  As care is documented, Map & Track guides staff on contract details, flags missing documentation, and alerts teams when pre-authorizations are needed. Central patient dashboards track performance of each patient and contract, including which ones generate revenue.  “Map & Track has elevated us to a level of awareness that we otherwise wouldn’t have,” explains Kevin O’Connell, Administrator of GEER Healthcare.  “Staff meetings on managed care patients weren’t supplying us with the data Map & Track is able to capture.”

DART Chart’s Map & Track combines multi-contract workflows with reporting analytics to provide utilization data for present and on-going treatment approval.  According to Justin Border, Vice President of Rehabilitation & Managed Care Services of LifeHOUSE Health Services, “Map & Track will allow the teams at our communities to effectively collaborate and communicate the high level of clinical and operational detail necessary for successful management of this patient population.  Many of our MCO patients are members of very complex health plans that involve multiple potential payor sources and administrative services.”

Bernard Hoffmann, CEO of DART Chart Systems, explains “Map & Track takes a proactive approach and transforms the current method of insurance management by deconstructing each contract and automating workflows to optimize revenue.  Mysteries about which contracts are making money are eliminated.”  Linda Kunz, President of DART Chart Systems concludes, “With real-time views in dashboards, truth in revenue can be tightly managed. Providers are capitalizing on managed care vs. being buried by its complexities.”

About DART Chart Systems, LLC
Founded in 1997, DART Chart Systems is an innovator and supplier of web-based documentation, data analysis, and advanced reimbursement technologies for the Short-Term Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care Industries. Solutions help providers achieve optimal reimbursement and enable best practices through training, consulting, and strategic technologies.

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