DART Chart Systems Announces Certification of Interface with PointClickCare MDS for Efficiency in Long-Term Care Patient Assessments

MILWAUKEE, WI, June 25, 2015 – DART Chart Systems is pleased to announce bi-directional integration with PointClickCare, the leading cloud-based software platform for the senior care market. DART Chart is the innovator in long-term care reimbursement and managed care contract mapping software, serving clients since 1997.As a certified integration partner with PointClickCare, DART Chart provides the ability to transfer patient data from DART Chart to PointClickCare’s MDS module. This integration creates a seamless data bridge from the point-of-care daily documentation platform within DART Chart to the MDS within PointClickCare. Clinical staff efficiently accesses the most current data with just the click of a button on either side of the software equation. Users import calculated MDS items from DART Chart, speeding along the time intensive completion of the patient’s assessments.

“This is the first and only specific managed care contract map to MDS Scrubber of the MDS data that can be used as a defense for post pay audits by managed care companies. Only Map & Track and Track MDS Values combined with PointClickCare MDS can achieve this! We are so pleased to offer this full integration to our mutual clients. The benefits are significant in terms of immediate time savings as well as long-term savings resulting from quick access to quality data”, said Dr. Linda Kunz, president, DART Chart Systems.This integration follows the launch of the ADT integration in 2013 which transfers patient demographic and payer information from PointClickCare to DART Chart Systems, containing census management to one system.

DART Chart Systems provides technology to a wide range of organizations and long-term care market segments to a national client base. Their largest clients are multi-site systems with facilities spread across several states. they also serve small independent facilities. DART Chart clients are a mix of publicly traded, government owned, and privately owned long-term care organizations.

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