Provider Managed Care Solutions

Progressively changing payer reimbursement places additional responsibilities on Long Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) providers to manage revenue leakage. Complex managed care contract terms must be mapped to pre-admission and daily care workflows to create real time business intelligence for executives to get a transparent view of payment, audit, and take-back risks. DART Chart’s technology solutions optimize revenue across pre-admission, daily care delivery, and medication selection!

DART Chart provides software solutions to Long Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) organizations. We automate managed care contracts to reduce revenue leakage and maximize reimbursement – Managed Care Solved!

Quick Map

Automated Pre-Admission Managed Care Process – Assess Revenue Impact

Quick Map creates complex contract virtualization to manage revenue risk at the first point of patient referral:

  • High cost drugs, therapy, DME, and approval levels are immediately identified
  • Negotiations can be instantly initiated and backed with business intelligence before patient admission
  • Eliminate risk of overlooking non-covered services

Assess profitability at pre-admission of managed care patients.

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Managed Care

Daily Care Contract Virtualization – Manage Profitability

Map & Track: Managed Care further automates contract virtualization to compare approval levels relative to daily skilled nursing, therapy services, and medication cost:

  • Profitability by payer contract  is readily accessible at a granular level
  • Real time view of exclusions, outliers, authorizations, and over utilization of services
  • Accurate business intelligence supports managed care contract negotiations

ROI – Average Recapture Rates realized through DART Chart’s Solutions:

    $30 per managed care bed per day

For every 100 managed care beds, that equals over $1M in Annual Savings.

Ensure appropriate revenue management in all managed care contracts.

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Bundled Payments

Control Profitability on Capitated Payments

Designed specifically around the new Bundled Payment Care Improvement Initiative, Map & Track: ACO & BPCI uses our powerful Map & Track system to track costs against your target price of care:

  • Control cost with target price daily spend down alerts
  • Predictive length of stay monitors therapy minutes to care plan
  • Identifies risks of outliers based on episodes
  • Demonstrates your value proposition to collaborators

Learn more about how Bundled Payments are changing the LT-PAC landscape.

Stay ahead of the LT-PAC industry by tracking your care to target price.

Learn how to produce exceptional results for your referring partners.

Map View

Digital access to the nuances and details of all of your Managed Care contracts

Map View organizes your contracts into a centralized digital library:

  • Eliminates staff time searching for contract details in binders, pdfs, and spreadsheets
  • Recall and review any contract anytime across all facilities
  • Map View Contract Analysts review and upload every critical contract nuance

Organize all your contracts in one place for easy access.

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