SNF Managed Care Contract Negotiation Tips

Managed Care has taken Long Term Care by storm. With a multitude of managed care contracts in place, it is important to make sure that you are accurately being reimbursed for the care that you are providing. This starts at negotiation. Negotiation skills are a must have when working with Managed Care Organizations.

Here are a few tips that you can use when negotiating contracts:

BE REALISTIC AND POSITIVE:  Help your team get past the negativity that is often attached to the concept of negotiation. It is business skill learned and developed.   Success in negotiation occurs over the course of time and experience. Celebrate their successes and coach through the challenges.

BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH PAYOR CONTACTS: It’s a give and take with concessions occurring on both sides of the equation which will build and grow the relationship over time. Work with your team to understand varying styles and techniques like mirroring in dealing with the MCO reps.

PRIORITIZE AND COMPARTMENTALIZE: Have a list or a guide for your team to follow. Equip your team with a cheat sheet of key statements to use, data to site, goals to strive for.

QUESTIONS ARE BETTER THAN CONFRONTATION:  Asking for information puts people in the position to be helpful.

DATA AND DOCUMENTATION IS KEY:  Knowing the individual impact of the immediate admission as well as the concession history with that payor arms your team make sound decisions.

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