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DART Chart WebForms  works the way your facility works. Automated workflow, on-demand reporting, and superior user interface make DART Chart WebForms the premier online reimbursement focused documentation system in the Long Term Care industry. WebForms functions as an intuitive, role based system providing increased ADL documentation compliance, improved revenue, in house technology training for staff and flexible options tailored to your facility.


Webforms – Medicare Optimization

WebForms is a shift-by-shift interdisciplinary care documentation system. Over the course of each shift, Nursing, CNA, and Therapy data is gathered, archived and analyzed. Once documentation is recorded, facility users generate reports that recommend which ARD to use for a required PPS MDS assessment that maximizes reimbursement. MDS items that reflect the RUG score along with the back-up documentation are displayed through one easy-to-use report. Reports give an accurate picture of what the resident’s status is. During weekly meetings any one of these reports can be generated and discussed so the interdisciplinary team can best care for their patients.


  • Tracks the Change of Therapy (COT) count and flags the user when a necessary COT OMRA is due eliminating provider liable days caused by a missed COT.
  • Real-time PEPPER so you do not have to wait once a year from CMS to compare your facility to the national PEPPER statistics.
  • Daily RUGs calculated
  • Risk Analysis System proactively predicts patients that may be at risk for rehospitalizations

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