DART Chart’s Smart Case Manager

The proactive approach

Reduce revenue leaks by automating your Managed Care payor contracts

Dart Chart Smart Case Manager

Fight for every Managed Care dollar

SMART Case Manager addresses the challenges with managed care payors: lower reimbursements, increased claim denials, and additional resources to manage daily tasks. Most skilled nursing facilities leave money unbilled due to complex contracts.

Our SMART Case Manager combines EMR data with payor contracts to: • Increase revenue by capturing missed billing opportunities

  • Increase reimbursements by following payor guidelines
  • Decrease claim denials and appeals
  • Manage more residents without increasing staff

Centralized hub for everything Managed Care

We simplify life for case managers/ MDS coordinators by eliminating multiple sources of documentation like binders, spreadsheets and EMR/Therapy systems. We do this through integrations and our interactive dashboard. It offers one location for everything Managed Care. Our Interactive SMART Case Manager will help your care coordination team:

  • Meet every deadline that affects reimbursement
  • Reduce write-offs through new authorization alerts
  • Enhance decision making with visibility of every resident  on one dashboard
  • Fight appeals with our audit system
  • Save time by providing everything you need  at your fingertips

What our clients are saying:

Rene from DiversiCare

“MDS Coordinators are great with clinical, but present with opportunities regarding contract terms. They do not have time to capture every billable service outlined within each individual contract. Dart Chart pushes the contract details to you once data is recorded in your EMR system.”

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