“DART Chart’s Smart Case Manager system has created efficiencies resulting in the ability to increase Managed Care caseloads by 30% for our case managers”

– Rene Bailey, Diversicare

One source for all payor contracts

With SMART Contract Manager, your Managed Care payor contracts are stored and managed in a single, unified repository.  All facilities and staff can work off the latest version and changes are available in real-time.

Manage Levels requirements and share with affected facilities 

New Levels-based Managed Care contracts are more complex and harder to comply with. 

Document and share Levels rules to ensure all staff avoid submission errors, missed reimbursements and denied claims.


SMART Contract Manager Features

A single, comprehensive library of all payor contracts across all facilities.

Real-time contract updates

All payor contract maintenance is completed in a single screen.

Any changes to contract summaries are updated across all facilities instantly.

Secure contract access

Facility uses have secure, read-only real-time access to contract details

Enhance awareness of critical details that affect authorizations and reimbursement.

Payor snapshot reports

.Easily compare multiple payor contracts    by rates and types of reimbursement.

Stay informed of the latest updates in a snapshot view.

Getting Started with SMART Contract Manager

Our rapid software launch process takes just a few days

Planning and Strategy

  • Kickoff and review of payor structure
  • Provide current contracts and payor contacts

Load Contracts

  • Setup payor codes, users and roles
  • Load all active contracts


  • Distribute user access credentials
  • Conduct end user training (30 minutes)

Ready To Get Started?